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making digital forensics crucial in every criminal, civil, family, personal injury, and corporate law case.

Digital Forensics

DIGITAL FORENSICS Is the process of retrieving the most comprehensive electronic data possible from its source. The goal of this process is to preserve any evidence in its most original form, most often for use in a structured criminal or civil investigation. The forensic examination must meet rigorous evidentiary collection standards to withstand cross-examination in court.
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Digital Forensics Team

Our Digital Forensics Experts

have been validated through their high-level certifications, years of experience, and numerous trials in which they have testified in federal, state, and county courts. They use the same state-of-the-art forensic technologies as federal and state law enforcement, with exclusive access not available to most private investigators.

Data Interpretation

Digital Forensics Lab

Vehicle Forensics

Until now, this capability has been reserved for law enforcement, but we are now the only private investigation company in the U.S. certified and authorized in Berla software, which allows us to download massive amounts of data from cars, including emails and text messages from anyone whose phone was synced with the vehicle.

Mobile Forensics

Most of the time, electronic devices are sent/given to us to perform our examination. Additionally, we can do the same tasks with our mobile forensics station or even access and download the data online.

Forensic Imaging

This is the process of using specialized software to make an exact copy of the data stored on various devices, including phones, laptops, and computers.

Vehicle Analysis

After the copy is made, the investigator, who is intimately familiar with the case details, conducts a comprehensive analysis of the images, websites, communications, individuals, timelines, metadata, etc., and compares his findings within the context of the circumstances.

Spyware Detection

Using specialized software and techniques, electronic devices are analyzed to locate and remove malware/spyware. This includes any recording devices that may have been installed in a vehicle, home, or business.

Photo & Video Enhancements

Using specialized software, photos and videos are processed with various methods to find additional details that are not obvious in the original media format.