Surveillance entails discreet close and detailed observation of a person, place or thing to gather facts that usually can’t be obtained in any other way.  These observations can help prove or disprove specific elements of a case, and are useful at trial or in other less formal proceedings.

​Creativity in developing tactics and methods to uncover evidence is a trait of great private investigators.  At Blackfish Investigations, we have over 125 years of experience in surveillance operations.  Let us put our experience to work for you.

Data interpretation


Digital forensics is the process of uncovering and interpreting electronic data.  The goal of the process is to preserve any evidence in its most original form while performing a structured investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events.

​The context is most often for usage of data in a court of law, though digital forensics can be used in other instances as well.

The evidentiary nature of digital forensics requires rigorous standards to stand up to cross-examination in court.  Our digital forensics expert has passed the legal standard as an expert witness, and has testified many times.

helping you in family court


Cheating Partners

Infidelity affects people in different ways, but most consider it the most hurtful betrayal imaginable. If you are feeling anxiety or fear that your partner is unfaithful, then you deserve to know the truth.  Sometimes our investigations reveal that those fears are unfounded, and have just been brought about by strain in the relationship.  Confirmation that a partner is not cheating usually eases those fears, and often leads to a healthier approach to resolving your relationship challenges.

When those fears are confirmed, however, you need options. With video and photographic documentation, you can be in a position to make decisions about the future of your relationship. 

Child Welfare and Custody Issues

The most difficult issue to navigate in any dissolving relationship is child custody/welfare.

Whatever the situation, we can help you protect your children by providing covert surveillance video and photographs documenting questionable activity.  In the best case, we can provide peace of mind that your children are being well-loved and cared for.

Experienced Professionals


Whether you’ve been accused of a crime, or need help solving one, it’s important to work with investigators who understand not only Texas criminal law, but also the policies, procedures, and techniques used by professional law enforcement. As former police investigators, we have applied these policies, procedures and techniques while working on crimes ranging from minor theft to capital murder.  In fact, as certified law enforcement instructors, we have taught these techniques to police officers. We can help your attorney identify where proper procedure was not followed, and articulate the logic for invalidating the suspect evidence. Alternatively, if you or a member of your family were victims of a serious crime, a private investigator may be the best opportunity to achieve justice.  Private investigation can often open doors for the police by providing information they can act on. Contact us today and let us help you.

Corporate, Insurance and Backgrounds



Whether it’s missing cash and inventory, deceitful accounting practices, or skimming customer’s credit card and personal information, these kinds of crimes can bankrupt any business.


By far, the largest category for fraud is insurance; convenient crashes, fortuitous fires, odd injuries and profitable disabilities suck billions of dollars out of the insurance industry every year, raising rates for everyone and forcing insurance companies to look at every claim with suspicion.


If you’re thinking about allowing someone access to your home, children, finances, business, or career, a background investigation will help give you peace of mind.

Beyond Investigations

Trial Consulting

Should your case go to trial, we take our work to the next level by providing trial consulting services.  Generally for 1st and 2nd degree felonies, these services include:

Our partners hold advanced certifications as Certified Criminal Defense Investigators, and can also testify as expert witnesses on firearms and digital forensics.

Who are you looking for?


A Missing Person is someone who has vanished under unusual circumstances, and may be in danger. This would include teen runaways, people who are struggling with substance abuse or mental illness, or suffering from depression and have threatened to harm themselves.  There are also the rare, but terrifying instances of those who vanish under suspicious circumstances, and may have been involved in an accident or the victim of a crime.  

Some people make a conscious effort to disappear, usually to avoid some obligation or legal consequence.  Perhaps they have skipped out on debts, are involved in extra-marital affairs, or know that police have issued a warrant for their arrest.  Locating these kinds of people is known as “skiptracing,” or “fugitive recovery.” 

Then there are the people who aren’t in danger, and aren’t trying to evade creditors or the police. They are usually law-abiding citizens living normal, average lives somewhere, and have no idea anyone is looking for them. This is the largest category of missing persons and can include things like; beneficiaries of life insurance policies or wills, absent property owners, the biological parents of an adopted child, witnesses to a crime, estranged family members, friends from youth, or a long-lost romantic interest. 

In today’s technologically reliant world, it has become increasingly difficult for a person to stay hidden for long.

Correct, Fast, and Reliable


Whether for criminal, civil, or family law cases, service of process is the first step, and one of the most crucial to have done correctly.  An improper or incorrect filing could result in a challenge that may delay or even deny further legal action, costing thousands of additional dollars, or risking a negative outcome in court.  Don’t take that chance.

​We have an entire division devoted to service of process, and can operate anywhere in the U.S.  We know the laws surrounding process service, and how to ensure that your paperwork is correctly served and filed in a timely manner.  We also offer Rush and Immediate service. 

Our process service is conducted through Serve Manager software, and coordinated by a dedicated division manager.  This software follows each paper through intake, assignment, attempts, service, and filing, and based on the client’s preferences, provides notifications at every step.  You will never need to ask about the status of any of your paperwork, because you can see it with a click of a button.

When it has to be done right, email your paperwork to [email protected]


Partner & Sr. Investigator

Trent Forbes, is the Director of Blackfish’s digital forensics lab, and a Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner, Certified Vehicle System Forensic Technician, Operator, and Examiner. With over twenty years of computer security and private investigation experience, he brings a non-law enforcement perspective to our investigations, and his work as a digital forensics expert has been validated through an extensive history of courtroom testimony.


President & Sr. Investigator

Daryl Parker is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and a board-certified Criminal Defense Investigator with over twenty-five years of experience in military, law enforcement, and private investigations. His work includes high-profile cold-case investigations, and founding a non-profit providing investigative services for potential wrongful conviction cases. He is in charge of the Family Law and Civil division.


Partner & Sr. Investigator

JD Spielman is a U. S. Army veteran and a board-certified Criminal Defense Investigator with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement. In 2010 he was selected as the Investigator of the Year by the Dallas County District Attorney, and subsequently became the Deputy Chief Investigator with the Collin County DA’s office. He is currently in charge of the Criminal Investigations division at Blackfish.

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Partner & Sr. Investigator

Billy Meeks, a Founding Partner at Blackfish, is a U. S. Army veteran and has over forty years of law enforcement and private investigation experience. In addition to his expansive work on everything from capital crimes to federal RICO operations, he has also cultivated an incredible network of experts and legal resources.